his power of heaven and earth has spread for a long time, it still needs to be farther behind. But the battle is now, you Ten thousand people may not believe it if they retreat too far.

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If it can be drawn here, it will be different.
With Xingyue as the medium, there is hope for success.
Xingyue is in charge of the avenue of life, that is the power of the avenue in the long river of time, and there is still hope to complete the traction.
Xingyue frowned: “So far?”
She finds it difficult!
She also knows that Su Yu’s power of heaven and earth will be covered, this party will be promoted, and the opponent will be weakened. If it succeeds, it is really great, but it will be very difficult to pull it up.
After thinking about it, Xingyue said: “Then I will try 南京水磨会所 it, it may not succeed!” After
that, he looked at Su Yu, frowned and said: “You just came, are you going to start a war?”
Su Yu, it’s really a war. mad Men.
Su Yu smiled, squinted his eyes and said, “Isn’t this giving grown-up faces? We are all subordinates of grown-ups. If this person is here, if he doesn’t make a move, wouldn’t it be underestimated by others?”
Xingyue thought. Qing, can’t help but want to curse, pooh your face!
big liar!
What gives me a long face, it’s strange if you believe it.
Su Yu laughed, and quickly said: “Try to attract the power of heaven and earth, I’ll do something else!”
Xingyue nodded slightly.
Su Yu looked at Tongtian, who was not far away, and beckoned, Tongtianhou hurried forward.
Soon, Su Yu walked towards the rear with Tongtianhou.
Tongtianhou was a little at a loss, why did he call me 南京龙凤网 alone?
As soon as Su Yu spoke, the first sentence scared him. Su Yu said with a heavy weight, “I want to win this battle, you are the 南京炮网 key!”
Tongtian wanted to breathe in, look at me, your majesty, do not do that!
“We are a lot of people dead, or the undead, you are also the key!”
Tong Tianhou was nervous for a moment: “Your Majesty, when I say it, only the fifth class is considered the weake