ve this whole scene into the haunted house, Chen Ge’s eyes began to turn red and he could have Such a huge, scary, and complicated experience scene should be the lifelong dream of every haunted house owner.

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“Just a psychic ghost school covers all the horror scenes related to the school. There are unclear number of classrooms and rooms for me to remodel. As long as I am willing to spend time, I can even understand all the horror scenes I have heard in the Ghost Story Association. The story is all restored here!”
Just thinking about this, Chen Ge has a feeling of enthusiasm. The effort is proportional to the gain. If he can successfully unlock the psychic ghost school scene, it will be against the threatening virtual future paradise. Odds.
“Unfortunately, the scene of the unlocked black phone is just an empty shell. The ghost stories and ghost employees inside need to be searched for by myself.” Thinking of the black phone, Chen Ge instantly calmed down, as if he was standing 南京夜生活论坛 next to a stove to warm up in winter. Was poured ice water.
The backpack was found, everything in it was there, but the black phone was gone. 南京桑拿论坛
According to the clues we have now, it is probably in the hands of Chang Wenyu.
“It’s still not cautious enough. This kind of situation must never happen again.” Chen Ge is very good at analyzing and summarizing. He will record all the things he has experienced in detail, analyze and correct them little by little, and then burn the records. A cautious character allows him to live to the present.
“When I leave the psychic ghost school, I want to customize a few phones that look similar to black phones, and each one has a ghost in it.” I
don’t know how long I ran, and children’s graffiti began to appear on the white painted walls. , The garbage on the ground gradually increased, and various debris began to appear in the corners.
The bloody smell in the air has faded a lot, replaced by a burnt smell of fire.
“It’s coming 南京桑拿会所 soon, everyone pay attention to your surroundings.”