Obscure, I can’t say it clearly, but it did affect him, causing him to have some changes that no one noticed. For example, he started to distance himself from other community members and preferred to stay with Chen Ge. It seems that Chen Song is the same type of person as him.

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“You stay here. If anyone else approaches, notify me immediately.”
Chen Ge shook the compartment door vigorously, opening it with violence.
People drew a lot of grimacing faces with oil paint in the narrow compartment, standing inside, as if being stared at by many people.
“Why did you put a pair of leather shoes?”
Chen Ge didn’t notice anything abnormal in the first compartment. He went to the second compartment again. With previous experience, this time he took out the phone directly and faced the gap in the compartment. Shoot.
The photo shows that there is also a pair of shoes in the second compartment, but these shoes are not black leather shoes, but a pair of worn-out blue sneakers.
“The positions are all the same. Is 南京桑拿论坛 there anything to say about it?”
Chen Ge checked the first six compartments in turn. There was a pair of shoes in each compartment. They were all men’s shoes, including sneakers and travel shoes. There are flat shoes, all sizes are different, they should belong to different people.
“The black leather shoes in the first compartment are very similar to those of Teacher Bai. They should be worn by adults. The shoes in the other five compartments are worn by students. Does each pair of shoes represent a person?
” Lin Sisi was teased by all the classmates at the beginning. Was the owner of these pairs of shoes the person who targeted Lin Sisi the most?” The
biggest difference between Li Gui and the living is that they are composed of obsession and negative emotions, understanding and kindness. Such adjectives are completely irrelevant to them.
No matter what kind of person Lin Sisi 南京龙凤网 was during his lifetime, when he became a Li Gui, his body and mind would be swallowed up by enmity. This was