d that in many cases, cultivation also depends on luck.

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Chen Qi wants to buy it back and replaces it with Su Yu. Su Yu may also have the same idea, but if he can’t buy it back, he will anger himself. Su Yu thinks he shouldn’t.
“Replace with me”
Su Yu thought for a while, and suddenly said: “Replace with me, hold your breath, and turn around to kill Bai Feng!” In other words
, Bai 南京品茶网 Feng should be troubled.
If Lao Bai hadn’t challenged Hu Wensheng, then it would have been fine, and his teacher Hu Wensheng had lost someone, and he had lost the essence and blood used to build the foundation. Who wouldn’t you call Bai Feng?
“Bullying the
soft and afraid of the hard!”
“Human nature!” Su Yu didn’t despise the other party, obviously he couldn’t do anything with Bai Feng, so of course he would find a soft persimmon to pinch.
Knowing that it was not an opponent, and had to seek Bai Feng’s revenge, then Chen Qi was probably really silly practicing.
“It’s not a big deal. If you practice together, you would have offended people!”
Su Yu got used to it.
As early as the Nanyuan Academy, Liu Wenyan valued him, and many students at the Academy were dissatisfied, jealous, and envious.
He still remembers that Zhou Chong said sour words and was beaten several times by Chen Hao by instigating him.
Su Yu is not a big-hearted person, and he will not just grit his teeth and pretend to be pure because others are jealous, and stop going to Liu Wenyan. On the contrary, he has been extremely 南京夜生活论坛 respectful to Liu Wenyan over the years, and he is also a little bit considerate of others. The serving portion.
Just thinking about it, someone jumped out again!
“Su Yu, who did you offend?”
“Are you pretending to be a ghost?”
Su Yu cursed, seeing Xia Huyou, a little speechless, this was outside the 3rd building, why this guy suddenly jumped out.
Huyou smiled and said, ”
I will be in class tomorrow, knowing that you are coming back, so I waited for you specially!” “What are you waiting for?”