ease wait a moment.”

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She took out a piece of paper that should have an unknown wax print from behind the counter. The paper 南京夜生活论坛 was surrounded by a series of inscriptions, and the hidden magic flowed freely on the surface of the paper.
This is a special registration form. Qiao Xiu took this agreement and took a look at the content on it. It was basically some of the most basic personal information. Qiao Xiu filled in the above information one by one, and only the name column He wrote his name but did not write his surname. Qiao Xiu thought about it in the column of country, but still did not reveal his true identity.
Finally, I wrote a country called Daxia.
The ink paintings seen in the White Wattle Theatre yesterday prove that there is indeed a country similar to China in this world, named Da Xia.
“Room 372, just take this badge and stand on the
teleportation formation over there.” Maybe she was eager to chat with Helland, and did not carefully check the content 南京品茶网 filled in by Qiao Xiu, even some related documents. No check.
Qiao Xiu held the badge marked with 372 in his hand. In order not to delay time or to interrupt Herland and her friend’s reminiscence, he let Xili follow him to the teleportation array engraved by the inscription on the side of the 南京桑拿论坛 window.
The badge flashed with pale white inscriptions, and after the brief sense of weightlessness disappeared, Qiao Xiu found himself standing in a messy office.
Files were stacked randomly on the desk in the office, and the surrounding bookshelves were also very messy. The most eye-catching thing was an owl standing on the bookshelf. Its pupils were staring motionlessly at Joe who suddenly appeared in the room. repair.
Qiao Xiu knocked on the door to signal that a guest was visiting, and the owner in the office heard Qiao Xiu’s knock on the door and suddenly emerged from behind the desk.
It was an old man who seemed to be over seventy years old, wearing a dirty gray robe, quite like a gray-robed mage in the Lord of the Rings or a mel