gaze and explained: “Those things above my head are probably the pipes before the catastrophe. No one has touched them for a long time.”

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Ren Xiaosu exclaimed with emotion. This place is like an abandoned underground factory, full of Had a tough sense of mystery.
There are also those colorful graffiti that can be seen everywhere, more of them turned into portraits, such as angels with withered wings, such as the back of a certain person, such as crows and tigers.
The pattern here does not have a clear composition, as if someone draws something on top of it when they think of it.
Chen Jingshu said: “In fact, these patterns hide mystery, and they contain some route instructions. As long as a 南京419论坛few underground people can understand, these people are all underground leaders.”
“So you can understand, you are also one of the leaders?” Ren Xiaosu curiously said.
“I am not,南京品茶网 but Chen Anan and Chen Cheng’s father is,” Chen Jingshu explained.
Ren Xiaosu wondered at this time, if the underground people really wanted to resist the spirit, would he have enough weapons to arm a rebel army?
Chen Jingshu and the others had never seen a modern weapon, so they felt that there must be enough wizards to overthrow a wizard, after all, ordinary people can’t fight a wizard.
But Ren Xiaosu felt that this matter seemed to be less complicated.
Modern thermal weapons are enough to slaughter gods, let alone a group of false gods?
Ren Xiaosu touched the paint on the wall: “This is not ordinary paint, but mineral ground, right? Only in this way can they maintain such bright colors underground.”
Ordinary paint cannot be preserved for a long time, especially Being exposed in the dirty air, unlike mineral pigments, the decay 南京龙凤论坛 period of minerals is much longer than that of ordinary pigments.
Upon hearing Ren Xiaosu’s question, Chen Jingshu’s expression immediately changed, and she chose to avoid the question.
Ren Xiaosu continued: “So you continue to excavate larger spaces on the basis of the original undergrou